MathTrek - Discovering New Ways of Scientific Thinking

Once upon a time, a group of scientists launched MathTrek Project Proposal - an effort to explore new ways of teaching Math through experience and experiment.

After 15 years, the MathTrek crew in command, coming from Austria, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom, happened to meet in Cyberspace to continue the MathTrek journey.

  • 1 MathTrek supports creativity through exploring the space of possibilities with tools and concepts hardly ever used before in education.
  • 2 MathTrek supports critical thinking confronting assumptions, hypotheses, models and conjectures with real data


Use Computer Algebra Systems to explore real data


Test your knowledge online with immediate feedback


  • Enterprise - an interactive map of the Mathematics universe
  • A Gallery of Math solar systems
  • The Holodeck - the launch pad for close-up exploration

As Open Ed

MathTrek builds on and delivers Open Educational Resources

MathTrek resources are published under a Creative Commons License that allows free re-use and adaptation of the whole resource or of its parts.